Data Acquisition Packages

Data Acquisition Systems (DAQ) are available as off the shelf standard packages or custom designed to meet a specific project need. We provide the hardware, a variety of software packages, installation, programming, and startup initiation. DAQ packages are for sale only and can be setup on cellular, static IP, dynamic IP, or hard-wire. Monthly access account fees are required and available in a wide variety of packages depending on the end user needs. All monthly accounts offer remote access, alarm alert, and data management as a standard. Contact DRE to learn how we can support your data collection needs.

Telemetry Systems

Telemetry Systems are for rent or direct purchase. We provide the hardware, installation, programming, and startup initiation. These systems are offered in cellular or hard-wire and require monthly account fees. Account fees are specific to the end user’s need and vary depending on the carrier. All systems provide call-in/call-out as a standard, with additional features available. Contact DRE to learn more about our Telemetry Systems.