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FACT: A projects financial goals and success are solely dependent on the quality, performance, and operations of the equipment. Down time, repairs and poor utilization not only put a project at risk, they cost money and potentially compromise regulatory and safety requirements. When you hire DRE for equipment O&M we eliminate these damaging factors and deliver results; GUARANTEED!!



When a customer rents equipment from DRE and elects our O&M services, we maintain superior utilization, optimize equipment efficiency, and minimize site cleanup time in a safe, cost effective manner that meets or exceeds the required regulatory standards. Any customer who hires DRE for both the equipment rental and O&M is guaranteed a minimum run-time of 75% or better for any site condition within our control. In fact, if you hire DRE to perform O&M when combined with one of our rental units and we do not deliver a minimum of 75% run time during our weekly O&M visits the rental payment is reduced or credited accordingly. Any customer who rents equipment from DRE and contracts our O&M services with the equipment rental for a minimum of twelve (12) months will receive a 2% discount off the monthly equipment rental price. Equipment rentals combined with our O&M services contracted for a minimum of twenty-four (24) months come with a 5% discount off the monthly equipment rental price.


When a customer purchases equipment from DRE and hires us to perform O&M services during the first twelve (12) months of operations; DRE will deliver 75% run time for any site condition within our control, and provide a 2% discount off the total equipment purchase price. Any customer who purchases equipment from DRE and agrees to a twenty-four (24) month or more O&M contract will receive a 5% discount off the total equipment purchase price.



We perform equipment O&M every day, aside from the guarantees we offer with our rental units and new equipment purchases, we service equipment provided by a multitude of suppliers. When a customer hires DRE to perform O&M regardless of who the equipment is supplied by, we offer every customer a thirty (30) day money-back guarantee. Here is how the program works; any time DRE is hired to perform O&M on equipment not provided by DRE we will compile a list of recommendations(s) to be made on the equipment being utilized within the first four (4) weekly visits. When the recommendation(s) are excepted and implemented, DRE will guarantee 75% run-time or the O&M provided by DRE will be reduced or credited accordingly. If a customer does not agree to the recommendation(s) made by DRE, O&M charges remain as billed with no run-time guarantee.

We are environmental remediation equipment experts and have witnessed  countless equipment applications which are poor technology selections or simply deficient workmanship. When we make recommendation(s) related to equipment supplied by others, we make them based on years of experience and lessons learned. DRE has achieved regulatory closure on 100’s of sites since 1993. We are the innovators of advanced equipment technologies in the environmental industry. When we operate equipment that is not provided by DRE we will make it achieve better run time, consume lower utilities, and optimize performance. We cannot force other equipment suppliers to employ advanced technologies. We do know how to implement those values on their equipment and deliver results.

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